Seattle vs Portland: By The Numbers (USL Era, 2001-08)

A-League/USL Era – Sounders vs Timbers (2001-08)

League – 32 Meetings

Home (form): 9-4-3 GD: 26-16 [WDWWWWLLLLWDWWWD]

Away: 7-7-2 GD: 15-16 [LWWLWWLLWLDLWDLW]


Playoffs – 4 Meetings

Home: 2-0-0 GD: 4-0 [WW]

Away: 1-1-0 GD: 2-2 [LW]

Total: 3-1-0 GD: 6-2 [LWWW]

Open Cup – 2 Meetings

Home: 1-0-0 GD: 2-1 [W]

Away: 0-1-0 GD: 0-2 [L]

Total: 1-1-0 GD: 2-3 [LW]


Record Win: 4-1, Memorial Stadium, 5/5/2002

Record Defeat: Four 2-goal losses, most recent 3-1, PGE Park, 4/26/2008

Record Total Goals: 7, Seattle 3:4 Portland, 7/17/2004

Doubles (win home & away same season): 3/1

Individual Leaders

Goals: 9-Roger Levesque (S), 6-Byron Alvarez (P), 4-Smith (S), 4-Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (P2/S2)

Assists: 6-Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (P/S), 6-Leighton O’Brien (S), 4-Darren Sawatzky (S/P), 3-Roger Levesque (S), 3-Andrew Gregor (S/P)

Shutouts: 8-Preston Burpo (S), 5-Josh Saunders (P), 5-Chris Eylander (S), 3-Matt Napoleon (P)

Appearances: 33-Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (P/S), 28-Zach Scott (S), 28-Kevin Sakuda (S), 27-Andrew Gregor (S/P), 25-Roger Levesque (S), 25-Brian Winters (P), 25-Lee Morrison (P), 24-Ryan Edwards (S), 23-Preston Burpo (S), 23-Gavin Wilkinson (P)

Coaching Records: Brian Schmetzer (S) 20-13-5, Bobby Howe (P) 11-14-2, Chris Agnello (P) 1-2-1, Gavin Wilkinson (P) 1-4-2

Referee Assignments: 3-Ramon Hernandez, 3-Fotis Bazakos

Sent off: 10 [2-Michael O’Neill (P); Viet Nguyen (S), Ryan Edwards (S), Zach Scott (S), Marco Velez (S), Byron Alvarez (P), Aaron Lines (P), Chad Brown (S), Cameron Knowles (P), 1 each]

Top Attendance

Home: 10,184, 5/10/2008

Away: 12,332, 8/7/2008

Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar first played in Portland, then came north to Seattle.


Hallmarks of this era were back-to-back home-and-home meetings, often to start the season. In 2003 the teams met six times during the regular season and in 2005 they met seven times, including playoffs and Open Cup…It was in second game of first back-to-back encounters in 2001 that resulted in first sending off, with Viet Nguyen and Michael O’Neill seeing red…Longtime former NASL Sounders assistant coach and player Bobby Howe was Portland coach for their first five seasons…Several notable players went both ways in this series, including Darren Sawatzky and Andrew Gregor, who both started with Seattle, moved on to Portland and then returned to the Sounders…The series was bookended by crowds of 12,000-plus in Portland. The Sounders’ largest gate in the series was saved for their final Qwest Field league match…Despite an 11-year gap from the end of the WSL era (for the Timbers) holdovers from that era included Scott Benedetti and Peter Hattrup and legacies from both the NASL era (Kieran Barton, son of Sounders’ Frank; Paul Conway, son of Timbers’ Jimmy Conway) and WSL era (Leighton and Ciaran O’Brien, sons of FC Seattle’s Fran O’Brien).