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Story positioned on Sunday Seattle Times front page (A1, above the fold)



Story featured in NCAA Champion magazine, distributed to scores of key personnel at nearly 1,300 member institutions, as well as corporate partners and media





3 thoughts on “About Frank MacDonald”

  1. I am enjoying reading the articles on the FC Seattle Storm British tours in ’87 and ’88. I was just a kid back then but was lucky to be there at both games they played against my local club Middlesbrough, as a guest of Seattle (my relative David was an ex-Sounder and part of the FC Seattle Storm set-up). Great memories!

  2. Hi,

    Nice article about the SeaDogs a while back. Regarding the trophy, a coworker mentioned that he saw the championship banner hanging at Arena Sports in SoDo for years afterwards. Perhaps the people there might know something.

  3. Recently found your blog and LOVE the historical “Know Your History” pieces. I have a lot of great memories and memorabilia from the NASL and WSL days and your posts really bring that era back to life. I look forward to reading many more of them.

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